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Part of a Jogi family from Pinan village in Alwar, Rajasthan, Jumme Khan epitomizes the spirit of Mewar – a veritable melting pot of culture, religion and polity – in the secularity of his subjects and themes.


Accompanied by his band of musicians, he uses a combination of harmonium, chimta, dholak, and the single stringed bhapang – his instrument of choice – to retell stories – ancient, mythological as well as contemporary. Khan describes himself as a Shiv bhakt and a Muslim Jogi – both identities which he channels in his performances, which are as much sharp, honest observations on contemporary subjects ranging from dowry to the advent of technology, reminiscent of the Mewati way of life, as they are his means to preserve and encourage his audiences to engage with the long standing oral tradition of the improvisatory, communicative story-telling style of the Jogis.

Jumme Khan and his band were featured at the Amarrass Nights @ Qutab event in Delhi in July 2018, and has performed at important festivals in India such as Jodhpur RIFF. Amarrass Records is working on a release featuring the poetry of Jumme Khan, as interpreted and recomposed by Delhi-based electronic music producer Ravana



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