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Painted Caves

Painted Caves Painted Caves is an Arab/American band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin led by Ali Lubbad. Painted Caves was formed in Milwaukee in November 2009 by Palestinian / American guitarist / vocalist Ali Lubbad and Palestinian / American Oud virtuoso Mike Kashou. Painted Caves includes revolving musicians including Qanun virtuoso Ali Amr, Vocalists Holly Wake and Sandy Wiesto, percussionist Julio Pabon and song-smith extraordinaire Paul Cebar. Painted Caves music is said to integrate Near eastern and American music into a unified, cohesive, holistic form.

“Like the official house band for the North African Surfer’s guild, Painted Caves navigates the desert sands of of the Near-East, into the African plains, and out beyond the great Western Ocean."

Amarrass Records is proud to sign Painted Caves to the label and release their self-titled album 'Painted Caves'.

Painted Caves: Painted Caves (AMAR011) CD | mp3

"Like the official house band for the North African Surfer's Guild, Painted Caves navigates the desert sands out of the Near-East, into the African plains, and out beyond the great Western Ocean...Primitive Music For Modern Machines."

"One of the best bands from the brew City, “Beautiful” is one word to describe Painted Caves, which fuses traditional Arabic music with rock, psychedelic and folk" (Milwaukee Art Magazine)


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CD | 320k MP3
“Milwaukee band Painted Caves play Middle Eastern-influenced psychedelic grooves that more or less follow the Silk Road in reverse, back toward India. Their signature sound sets droll deadpan vocals over a hypnotic, clattering rhythm, a web of acoustic Middle Eastern instruments mingling with layers of guitar.” - New York Music Daily

“Richly Hypnotic, Unique Middle Eastern Psychedelic Grooves from Painted Caves"New York Music Daily"

“Palestinian Notes Emerge from Painted Caves"Milwaukee Journal Sentinel"

Artist Bookings: AMARRASS RECORDS ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Video: Soundcheck with Painted Caves (from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sessions)

Video: Jam at Milwaukee's Sugar Maple (from October 2013)

Barmer Boys: Zordaar in 2014!

2014 has been a 'Zordaar' year indeed for Barmer Boys. The Boys' kicked off the year with a series of shows in Delhi that had them showcasing their cross-genre collaborative chops with Brooklyn New York's Ari Roland Jazz Quartet and Amarrass' own DJ Spincycle. April marked the Barmer Boys international debut with a coast-to-coast US tour with stops in Washington D.C., Bloomington IN, New York City NY, Chicago IL, Madison WI, San Jose CA and radio appearances on WFMU 91.1/90.1FM and WORT 89.9FM. In June, the group showcased at the Borneo World Music Expo in Sarawak, Malaysia. July featured the 'Boys on the same bill as The Rolling Stones and Outkast at Roskilde Festival in Denmark! 

Their debut album 'At Home: Barmer Boys' received a four star review in the September issue of Songlines Magazine.. "incandescent Sufi voices that incite ecstasy" 

The year ahead has lots more in store with performances in Delhi at Bacardi NH7 Weekender and Bangalore, work on new songs and collaborations with artists from the US and Europe. Stay tuned! Get Barmer Boys debut album "At Home: Barmer Boys" at the Amarrass SHOP, at your local independent store, or online on Flipkart , iTunes USiTunes 

Meanwhile here are a few videos from the road.. enjoy!

Video: Barmer Boys at Roskilde Festival 2014 

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Video: Barmer Boys on Radio Funkaus Europa 

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Video: Barmer Boys perform Manikar in Washington D.C. 

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Video: Barmer Boys perform Padosan in New York City 

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Video: Barmer Boys and Eastern Brew perform Bole To Mitho Lage

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2013 in Review

2013 was a great year for music at Amarrass Records with artist tours, the establishment of Amarrass Nights@Lodi series of events, Barmer Boys on MTV, international releases of the 'At Home' series of recordings of Sakar Khan, Lakha Khan and Barmer Boys (and distribution deals in the US/Europe), a major presence at WOMEX 13 in Wales, and at IndiEarth XChange in Chennai. It was also a sad year that marked the passing away of kamaicha maestro Padma Shri Sakar Khan. A recap:

Lakha Khan accompanied by his son Dane, made their first US tour in April 2013 with 11 shows in 9 cities spanning the breadth of the United States. The sindhi sarangi maestro performed to standing ovations in Salem MA, Bloomington IN, New York City NY, Edison NJ, Nashville TN, Chicago IL, Madison WI, Iowa City IA, San Jose CA. Watch out for details on his upcoming release in 2014 | Lakha Khan - Live in Nashville!

Video: Lakha Khan US Tour (live in NYC).


Amarrass Nights at Lodi is a monthly music showcase series established in 2013. The concerts take place in the beautiful, lush green settings of Lodi-The Garden Restaurant, set in the heart of sprawling Delhi. In a short span of a year, Amarrass Nights at Lodi have become 'must-see' events for music aficionados, visiting musicians, and more. Artists hosted include international and nationally renowned artists including Lakha Khan, Barmer Boys, Madou Sidiki Diabate, Charanjit Singh, Tri-P, GFD, Menwhopause, Suhail Yusuf Khan, Reaching The Roots, Kendraka, Audio Pervert, DaSaz and Spincycle. There is music in the garden with an open-air stage, a sampling of world-class food and beverages, and amenities such as valet parking. 2014 promises to be an exciting year already with shows by Kheta/Joga, Ghewar Firoze Anwar, Reaching the Roots already lined up with more to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Video: Charanjit Singh (HIT95 FM live radio broadcast | Amarrass Nights@Lodi Dec 2013)

Video: Reaching the Roots (Amarrass Nights@Lodi, 22 Nov 2013).


Our very own Barmer Boys featured on Season 3 of Coke Studio @ MTV!. The song Pir Jilani was a collaboration with Bollywood producer Clinton Cerejo and showcased the vocal powerhouse that is Mangey Khan. The 'Boys' have been on a roll in 2013, criss-crossing the country with shows in Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, Itanagar, Dibrugarh, Delhi and more. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming US Tour in April/May 2014. Get Barmer Boys debut album "At Home: Barmer Boys" at the Amarrass SHOP, at your local independent store, or online on Flipkart , iTunes USiTunes

Video: Barmer Boys sing Pir Jilani


Amarrass at WOMEX 13 We were busy on the international music scene in 2013 with Ankur serving as WOMEX Music Jury Member ('samurai'), a conference session and a decked-out Amarrass Records booth at WOMEX 2013 in Cardiff, Wales. The music showcases featured some amazing performances from artists such as Mitu (Colombia), Ganesh Kumaresh (India), Ghazalaw (Wales/India - and Amarrass Desert Festival alumni!), Ebo Taylor (Ghana), Jambinai (Korea), Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita (Wales/Senegal), Fanfarai, Sidi Toure (Mali)... and the list goes on. Some videos of what went down:

Video: Jambinai at WOMEX 13

Video: Ebo Taylor at WOMEX 13

Video: Mitu at WOMEX 13

Video: Fanfarai at WOMEX 13

Video: Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita at WOMEX 13

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones, and a world of music at this year's WOMEX to be held at Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. ...........................................

Mohan Lal Lohar, blacksmith and woodworker

Mohan Lal Lohar is folk music’s equivalent of a polyglot---but with an added dimension. Not only can he play every wind, string, bow and percussion instrument native to his Rajasthan, he also makes them. His surname, ‘lohar’ (one who works with iron) denotes his caste and occupation: he is a blacksmith, from a family that has traditionally plied the trade.

But Mohan Lal is different. He combines a talent for music with his craftsmanship. At his workshop in Jaisalmer, the rhythmic beating of a piece of metal gives way within hours to the refined percussion of a freshly made morchang — just cool enough to play. The workshop itself belies what is produced in it. In one of the town’s many open-sewered lanes, it is just a portion of a small courtyard, under a shed that leaks; as much a play area for his goats as it is a place of work.


Lakha Khan, Sarangi maker

Lakha Khan is an acclaimed Sarangi craftsman and musician from the village of Raneri in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. It takes him ten days labouring away on a single block of wood to just carve out this complex musical instrument - a testament to the decades of craftsmanship, persistence and passion for music.

Purchase a hand-crafted Sindhi Sarangi
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Speciality: Sarangi. Lakha Khan has four sarangis, each from a previous generation in his family. This instrument is in his blood. Contact us to find out how you can get a Sarangi handcrafted by the master.

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Shankara Ram Suthar, Kamancha maker

There is a reason why the kamanchas on view at Manganiyar performances have a charming antiquity about them. They often come stained, patched up, with bits of inlay work missing—all signs that they are in regular use. But they are, almost without exception, also very old.

This is where Shankara Ram Suthar’s story as master kamancha-maker begins. In the early eighties, academics—and musicians—found that no one was making kamanchas any more. They imported a batch of about 16 from Pakistan, where artisans evidently had a bit if stock, and these made their way to collectors and musicians. But with no local craftsmen, there was a problem.

Like the one Sakar Khan had. Sakarji, the greatest living exponent of the instrument (Amarrass will release an album of sessions with him soon), discovered that the mango wood belly of his kamancha had developed a crack. But with no artisans making the instrument, there was no one competent to carry out repairs either. Shankara Ram Suthar, the carpenter by trade and caste, lived near Sakarji in the little village of Hamira, Jaisalmer. The instrument was taken to Suthar, who, knowing it belonged to a master, carried out the repairs meticulously. Sakarji’s kamancha was good to play again.

The fact that the carpenter’s work had passed muster with the redoubtable Sakar Khan drew other musicians to Suthar. He carried out repairs for them, but there seemed to be few fresh orders. This, despite the efforts of government officials sensitive to the fact that the art of making kamanchas was dying: Suthar produced some excellent prototypes for them, but that was about it. If you were just making kamanchas, you were not making a living.

Suthar fell back on carpentry. He would travel to Pune to make furniture for a contractor, as half-made instruments languished in his little workshop in Hamira. He still does what he has to to earn a living, but we are happy to report that he has received fresh orders through the Amarrass Society for Performing Arts. A discerning British collector of stringed instruments (and pensioner), received his kamancha last month and said he was delighted. A second piece will shortly be on its way to the United States. And a third one makes its way to Germany this summer. We are, we hope, seeing the beginnings of a renewal of interest in this unique instrument. (below: our first kamancha sold!)


The kamanchas that are produced in Hamira are special not just because of the high level of craftsmanship that goes into making them. They are also the product of a secular collaboration. The Suthar crafts the wooden portions of the instrument - the sound box, the bow, the neck and so on, but his Hindu religious beliefs forbid him from working with animal hide or gut. Once the skeleton is finished, the Muslim Manganiyars take over, attaching the hide, adding the gut strings and, of course, tuning the instrument to ensure it is perfect. When Sakar Khan is within earshot, nothing less will do.

Shankara Ram Suthar's speciality: Kamancha. This is the instrument that is at the heart of the Manganiyars's music. And the Suthar is the finest maker of it. All he needs is a block of wood of his choosing. To order this unique instrument, write to us or order online:

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LAKHA KHAN 'Back to the Country' US Tour... 03.10.14 - 17.10.14 | 19.30
Amarrass & FOM // FRI, 17 OCT // MENWHOP... 17.10.14 - 17.10.14 | 19.30
AMARRASS MUSIC FESTIVAL / 21-22 NOV 21.11.14 - 22.11.14 | 17.00


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