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The latest release from Amarrass Records (#15 on the label) is a genre-defying record by New Delhi electronic music producer Ravana, recomposing the poetry of Muslim Jogi folk poet Jumme Khan (from Alwar, Rajasthan). 


Featuring two tracks that range the gamut of reggae, dub, dubstep, drum and bass, the blues and beyond, 20 minutes of bass-heavy, krantikari bliss! Order your copy of the handmade 10" Single dubplate (official release date April 19, 2019 when you get your copy shipped)! Instant gratification through high resolution audio download of the album.


Field recordings of Jumme Khan made on the Amarrass Records terrace by Ashutosh Sharma. Music composed, mixed and produced by Ravana. Album artwork by Mahua Sen. Text translations and liner notes by Aakar Patel. Analog mastering by Johanz Westerman, Ballyhoo Studios, Groningen, The Netherlands.


Track List:


Dub Unity (Sab Bakwas Hai)

Proverbial Track (Duniya)


Rs 1,000 (180 gram 10" Single Transparent vinyl)

10" Single - Dubfounded - Ravana & Jumme Khan

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