"A music activist" - BBC
"Lady with a golden voice" - HT City
"An artist who knows how to mix tradition and modernity" - Canal+
"The sweetness of Indian classical sounds fused with the bad boy reputation of punk" - The Sunday Express
"Lyrics that deal with women's liberation, social oppression and sexual exploitation" - Hindustan Times

Tritha Electric is a psychedelic/fusion rock band from Paris and New Delhi, formed in 2010 by Tritha Sinha (vocals) and Paul Schneiter (drums), with the later addition of Tony Guinard (bass) and Mathias Durand (electric guitar). Playing an explosive blend of psychedelic rock, inspired by German “Krautrock” of the 1970s and by Indian Classical and folk melodies, the band has played over 100 concerts across 3 continents. A versatile, plummy richness of sound, featuring Tritha’s dusky tones and throbbing intensity, that packs an emotional punch that has audiences entralled, on their feet, wanting more. 

Born in Kolkata, Tritha started training in North Indian classical music at the age of five. As a child, Tritha won numerous singing competitions, including the famous national television show Close Up Antakshari on ZEE TV in 2001. Starting her career as a Bollywood singer, she decided in 2010 to focus on her own music and compositions. She continues her Indian classical training under the tutelage of guru Santanu Bandhopadhyay from the Bishnupur Gharana.

Their debut album PaGLi was released digitally in 2014 (on Sony Music). PaGLI is about the metamorphosis of the classical Indian woman into a free, modern global individual ready to meet the world. It is also the story of an Indian classical voice finding solace in madness and sometimes, rather punk moods! ("pagli" in Bengali, the mother tongue of Tritha, means ‘mad woman’). The album was recorded between Paris and New Delhi and mixed by legendary producer Miti Adhikari (Radiohead, Nirvana, John Peel BBC Sessions). The band is currently working on their next album.

Since their inception in 2010, the band has toured extensively with performances at festivals, workshops and education projects across India, the Indian Ocean and Europe. Notable appearacnces include Ziro Festival of Music 2011, Ragasthan 2011, Amarrass Music Festival 2012, Gulmarg Winter Festival 2012, Asia Music Festival 2013 (Borneo), Satourne Festival 2013/14 (France), Festival Les Nuits Couleurs 2014 (France), Kaloobang Festival 2014 (Reunion Islands) and more.

Upcoming Shows 

OCT 02 - Paris, France
OCT 24 - WOMEX 2015 Showcase at Budapest Hungary

Contact AMARRASS RECORDS ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) | +91-11-4666-1200 (New Delhi) or +1-608-334-0583 (Madison/US) for artist bookings

Video: Fish Market - Tritha Electric (The «Fish market» music video has been censored on television in India for drawing an analogy between the Indian parliament house and a Bengali fish market, while calling for a renewed fight against corruption in Indian politics.) (Live in Paris at Point FMR 2014)

Video: Nizamuddin - Tritha Electric (Live in Paris at Cabaret Sauvage, August 2012)

Video: Saajan - Tritha Electric (from 'Music Mojo Season 3' on KAPPA TV, May 2015)

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Video: Baci Baci - Tritha Electric (Music video from 'PaGLi', 2014)

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Video: Rangamati - Tritha Electric (from 'Music Mojo Season 3' on KAPPA TV, May 2015)


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