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We hope you can join us in our efforts to preserve and promote India's rich cultural heritage by supporting programs in music and the arts. Our partners and sponsors can choose from various programming choices and channels to engage with us in our mission to deliver an integrated music and cultural experience that is inclusive, accessible and sustainable. We encourage private companies, Government enterprises, non-profits, foundations and individuals to consider investing their support in the following areas:

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Amarrass Desert Music Festival

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Field recordings sponsorship

Over the past two years, we have traveled extensively in Rajasthan (and now in Gujarat and other parts of the country) to record musicians playing traditional music in their own environment. These recordings capture their music in its purest form, done as they are in settings where musicians are most comfortable and free. For us these are the first steps in a process that can be replicated across the Indian subcontinent, where the danger of “losing something”, as renowned ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax put it, gets more real every day. Our work has been covered by international and domestic media including NPR, The New York Times, The Independent (UK), BBC Radio, HT Brunch, Hindustan Times, Rolling Stone India and more. We seek sponsors for continuing our efforts to archive and produce folk and traditional music from the region and other parts of the world.

Co-branding opportunities

Co branding with Corporate houses, NGO's to release special edition/private label music/albums for distribution as gifts, fund raisers and special events.


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