Painted Caves Escape to Europe Tour Dates Announced!

Painted Caves Escape To Europe March April 2017

Painted Caves 'Escape to Europe' March-April 2017 The band makes its European debut bringing their "genre bending" Middle Eastern folk influenced psychedelic rock to select cities in Belgium and Denmark. Painted Caves have been featured on Chicago Public Radio WBEZ 91.5FM 'Weekend Passport', Milwaukee Record's 'Public Domain' series, and with their debut album receiving frequent airplay on radio stations across the US and in Europe.
Concert details and tickets at the Facebook Event page

28 MAR ANTWERP | 29 MAR BRUSSELS | 30 MAR AALBORG: Hudna feat. Disa + Painted Caves | 31 MAR AARHUS: Painted Caves (US) + Supp: Blue Shadow Caravan // HeadQuarters | 01 APR ODENSE: Painted Caves + Jorge Degas Quartet - Dexter, Odense

"Painted Caves were a highlight of the Orton Park Festival in 2016. Their unique, mystical sound seamlessly incorporates so many musical subgenres was perfect for our festival! The audience just loved them!" - Dan Hobson, Artist Programming/Orton Park Festival, Madison Wisconsin

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