BARMER BOYS/CLINTON CEREJO - Pir Jalani Video on Season 3, Coke Studio@MTV!

August 28, 2013: Barmer Boys/Clinton Cerejo's Pir Jalani video on Season 3 of Coke Studio @ MTV is now out! On TV screens this Saturday at 8:00pm India Standard Time. Folk with attitude! 21st Century Folk! A song to honour the great 11th century Sufi saint from Persia, Pir Abdul Qadir Jilani.

Video: Clinton Cerejo & Barmer Boys Pir Jalani, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3 

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BARMER BOYS on Season 3, Coke Studio@MTV!

August 1, 2013: Barmer Boys are the 'new kids on the block' storming TV screens across India this August! The group was formed in November 2011 and have been wowing audiences from Delhi to Itanagar the past 18 months. The group were an instant pick during the selection round at blueFROG Delhi in March 2013, where they were snapped up by talent scouts from MTV India to feature on Season 3 of Coke Studio @ MTV, on air starting August 17, 2013. The 'Boys' were in studio in Mumbai with award-winning Bollywood arranger, producer and singer Clinton Cerejo to create some magic... here's a teaser:

Video: Clinton Cerejo & Barmer Boys Teaser, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3 

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Watch out for the new song coming this season on a TV near you (and online)! And in case you missed this one, The Barmer Boys were in Delhi in December 2012 for the Amarrass Desert Music Festival, and it was a chance for a pro video shoot promo for their new album..  

VideoRaichand from the album 'At Home: Barmer Boys'

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Get your copy of the album at the Amarrass SHOP, at your local independent store, or online on Flipkart , iTunes USiTunes, OKListen 


The third edition of the Amarrass Desert Music Festival took place December 1 and 2 in New Delhi, India and featured an array of renowned international artists, including Bombino (the Hendrix of Niger) and BaBa ZuLa (The creators of Istanbul Psychedelia), alongside masters from India. The redoubtable Sakar Khan, Padma Shri Awardee, and unarguably the greatest living exponent of the signature Rajashthani folk instrument - the kamaicha made a rare public performance.   

Video: Amarrass Desert Music Festival 2012 recap

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Video: Bombino performs Tar Hani

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This year's theme showcased traditional music from deserts around the world. But some of the musicians on show tell that story in a contemporary way. The guitar is seen as ‘foreign’; an instrument of rebellion by hardline Islamists among Bombino’s community, the Tuaregs of northern Africa. His music reflects this. BaBa ZuLa reinterpreted the sounds of the silk route Sufis electronically and created Istanbul Psychedelia, which has a cult following not just in Turkey but all over the world. Alongside such musicians performed Barmer Boys—from the interiors of Rajasthan, with the stellar voice of Mangey Khan and a trio of percussionists with an ear for rhythm—including beat-boxing. The Sidis of Kutch are India’s most direct connection to Africa and a group of 16 musicians will bring their trance inducing drumming and chanting to the stage. 

Video: Barmer Boys sing Bole to Mitho Lage

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This year, we introduced the Showcase series that featured up-and-coming artists, collaborations and more. Artists included Dischordian, Tritha Electric, Harpreet Singh, The Blue Infinity, Alan Rego, and I Adra, a special Indo-Welsh collaboration with Tauseef Akhtar (Ghazal singer) and his band, and Welsh folk artists Gwyneth Glyn (singer/songwriter), Georgia Ruth Williams (harp). 

Video: Dischordian perform Lover

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Video: Harpreet perform Guruji

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The festival creates an environment that encourages colllaboration between artists, with fabulous jams, late night sessions and shared experiences that will remain etched in our memories forever (video helps!)..

Video: Bombino and Susmit Sen (of Indian Ocean) Terrace Jam

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Video: Barmer Boys, Bombino and Sidis perform Mast Kalander

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