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Middle Eastern-influenced psychedelic grooves meet California surf rock

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Painted Caves have earned a reputation for their highly original, Arab-American music and mesmerizing live performances. Built on a foundation of Western experimentation and Middle-Eastern tradition, the group uses traditional folk and jazz instruments (oud, daf, trumpet, flute) as a base and focal point against a backdrop of hypnotic rhythm (guitar, bass, percussion) and dreamy, uplifting songwriting. Seamlessly melding shoegaze distortion with delicate microtones and vocal harmonies, their music transports the listener from the sands of the North African desert to the sunny beaches of Baja California and the great Ocean beyond, with infectious grooves and lyrical hooks keeping company on a musical journey that is inspiring, reflective, and celebratory.

They have made frequent appearances at the Milwaukee Art Museum and Chill on the Hill, and at Madison's La Fete de Marquette '13, the Lake Moon Festival '14, and Summer Soulstice Festival '14. The group made their international debut at the Amarrass Music Festival in New Delhi, India in Nov 2014 and plans to tour Europe in 2017.

The band's self-titled debut release (released March 31st 2015 on Amarrass Records) has been a fixture on college radio stations in the US and was on the CMJ Charts in summer 2015, with radio plays on BBC, PRI, WBEZ, and many more.

"Painted Caves were a highlight of the Orton Park Festival in 2016. Their unique, mystical sound seamlessly incorporates so many musical subgenres was perfect for our festival! The audience just loved them!" - Dan Hobson, Artist Programming/Orton Park Festival, Madison Wisconsin

Escape to Europe 2017 Tour Dates! Painted Caves make their European debut with shows in Belgium and Denmark in March-April 2017. 28 MAR Arenberg, Antwerp BE | 29 MAR VK Concerts, Brussels BE | 30 MAR Huset i Hasserisgade, Alborg DK | 31 MAR HeadQuarters, Aarhus DK | 01 APR Dexter, Odense DK


'Global Voices' presented by Hothouse, Chicago IL (Nov 2016)
Orton Park Festival, Madison WI (August 2016)
Fresh Thyme Block Party, Milwaukee WI (June 2016)
Present Music @ Turner Hall, Milwaukee (March 2016)
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA), Madison WI (August 2015)
Skyline Music Series, Milwaukee WI (August 2015)
Chill on the Hill Summer Concert Series, Milwaukee WI (July 2015)
Summerfest Milwaukee / Briggs & Stratton Stage (July 2015)
Marquette Waterfront Festival Madison, WI (June 2015)
River Rhythms, Pere Marquette Park Milwaukee, WI (June 2015)
Alverno Presents 'Jones Uncovered' Milwaukee WI (April 2015)

Please follow our Facebook page for updates on shows, set times, new videos and more! - Painted Caves on Facebook

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Artist Bookings/Press/Distribution: email Ankur Malhotra at AMARRASS RECORDS This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Painted Caves: Painted Caves (AMAR011)
CD | mp3

"Like the official house band for the North African Surfer's Guild, Painted Caves navigates the desert sands out of the Near-East, into the African plains, and out beyond the great Western Ocean...Primitive Music For Modern Machines."

"One of the best bands from the brew City, “Beautiful” is one word to describe Painted Caves, which fuses traditional Arabic music with rock, psychedelic and folk" (Milwaukee Art Magazine)

Mixed & Engineered by Vinny Milevolte @ Axis Recording | Mastered by Kyle White via 2" tape



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CD | 320k MP3


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Global Village Top 40 Albums For May 2015 - Chris Heim, KMUW89.1 Wichita NPR, May 2015

"Painted Caves is a true genre bending gem" - David Savage, host of Unfiltered Camels on KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1FM, April 2015

"Dreamy yet with a rock sensibility, the songs are elegantly composed psychedelia rooted in Lubbad and Kashou’s Near Eastern heritage. The reverberant jangle of a Silvertone electric guitar harmonizes with the eerie twang of the oud as drumsticks meld with hand-slapped percussion. Minor keys set the tone for music that suggests an altered reality in a beautiful Kasbah of the mind." -, Feb 3, 2015

“Milwaukee band Painted Caves play Middle Eastern-influenced psychedelic grooves that more or less follow the Silk Road in reverse, back toward India. ..It’s safe to say that there is no group anywhere in the world who sound anything like them.” - New York Music Daily

"…an alchemical marriage of ’60s rock and age-old Arabic folk, producing an offspring entirely contemporary and ageless." - The Shepherd Express

“Palestinian Notes Emerge from Painted Caves" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

"Arthouse Rock" - Indian Express (Dec 2014)

"Painted Caves may be one of the best bands in Brew City.. “Beautiful” is one word to describe Painted Caves, which fuses traditional Arabic music with rock, psychedelic and folk, making it one of the few truly unique bands" - Milwaukee Magazine (Mar 2013)

“Richly Hypnotic, Unique Middle Eastern Psychedelic Grooves from Painted Caves" New York Music Daily"

"Painted Caves emerges as a great work of art!" - Inside World Music

"Infectious danceable pop" - Milwaukee Record

"Summer Sound" - BayView (Jul 2013)

Their self-titled, self-produced, locally-released album held the number one position for overall airplay for over 16 weeks at college radio station WMSE 91.7, the song “Paper Tigers” has stayed in constant regular rotation at AAA radio station 88.9 Radio Milwaukee for over 2 years, including winning the station’s New Music Wednesday competition against well-established National acts. The Album has also appeared on top 10 lists by Chicago 91.5 WBEZ’s Tony Sarabia, Massachusetts 89.7 WTMD’s Scott Mullins, The Shepard Express Milwaukee, and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Painted Caves first public gigs were in late 2012 and since have performed at indoor venues like the Milwaukee Art Museum (Nov '12, Mar '13, 2014), The Kohler Arts Center (Oct '14), The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center and at large outdoor festival events like Madison's La Fete de Marquette (July '13), The Lakefront Festival of the Arts (June '14), Bay View’s “Chill on the Hill” summer concert series (July '14), and Milwaukee’s Summer Soulstice Festival (June '14). In November 2014, Painted Caves made their international debut headlining the Amarrass Music Festival where they also collaborated with Indian master musicians Lakha Khan, Barmer Boys, and with Malian kora player Madou Sidiki Diabate.


Amarrass Terrace Sessions with Madou Sidiki Diabatè, November 2014, India

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At the Lake Moon Festival, Milwaukee

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Soundcheck at the Alhambra, Chicago, November 2016

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Summerfest, Milwaukee, July 2015

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Man is Coy Behind Animal Tears

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An innovative music project born in North Goa, India.

At its centre, members arising from a variety of unique musical backgrounds, join together to create new harmonies from a fusion of ancient rhythms and contemporary soundscapes. Incorporating a multi-layering of sound through woven themes of Siberian folk-roots, African dream melodies, Amazonian spirit calls, Oriental poly-rhythms, and academical minimalism.

The blue Infinity strives to manifest a truly eastern synthesis into their acoustic psychedelic ambient performances. For several years, the band has grown with core members collaborating from the world ethnic stage including artists from Russia, France, India, USA, UK, Turkey, Israel, and Ukraine. This particular ethno-shamanic sound is the result of a unique re-engineering of traditional instruments & melodies into open structural forms to create a platform for an experimental ceremony through sound. With a focus towards wisdom found in nature and the cosmos, band members and audience alike continue to develop new directions to engage the psychedelic experience.

"We play different sides of the musical horizon. Each show is unique. Each performance is a meditational journey with transcendent outcomes from resonant non-structuralism. Shifting melodies drift from theme to theme, creating moods like currents; sometimes magical, sometimes dark [or bewitching). We strive for healing and the crystallization of the spirit through an emotional unlock and the exceptionalism from release and uprising. This is contemporary mysticism.”

Sudesh Gaikwad - acoustic guitar
Vishesh Kalimero - yayli tambur (Turkish long-necked lute), Persian setar
Vadim Batura - Persian santour
Ilya Chistyakov - electric guitar, sound board
Niko Bandhar - Jewsharp (khomuz, morsing, morchang), overtone flute, throat singing


2016 March -- Holi Moo Festival, New Delhi, India
2015 Winter - Residency in Arambol, Goa
2015 October - Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi, India
2015 September - SAARC Sufi Festival, Jaipur, India
2015 Summer - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 Spring - Dharamsala, India
2015 NYE - Cosmic Convergence, Guatemala
2014 July - Ozora Festival, Hungary
2013 October - Amarrass Nights @ Lodi
2013 Summer - Yaga Gathering, Lithuania
2013 Summer - Mandala Festival, Lithuania
2013 Summer - Masters of Calm, Lithuania
2013 Summer - Pokhara Nepal
2012/13/14 Winter - Goa
2012 Nov - Amarrass Desert Music Festival

Follow us on Facebook - The blue Infinity on Facebook

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Artist Bookings/Press/Distribution: email Ankur Malhotra at AMARRASS RECORDS This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The blue Infinity: Unexpected (AMAR010)
CD | mp3

"Meditation music for punk rockers. - Global Revolutions, WORT 89.9FM"

Analog mastering by Johanz Westerman, Ballyhoo Studios, Groningen, NL



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The blue Infinity on | |



"Meditation music for punk rockers." - Helena Perkins-White, host of Global Revolutions on WORT 89.9FM Madison, Nov 2015


The blue Infinity - Live in Goa + videos from their album 'Unexpected'


The ‘Lakha-Madou’ project brings together two master musicians in an exciting new collaboration - a meeting of bardic oral-storytelling traditions from Rajasthan, India and Mali, West Africa. A never-before presented fusion of traditions, the ancient strings of the kora and sindhi sarangi weaving a magical tapestry of soundscapes to create music of timeless beauty.

The seeds for the project were first sown at the 2011 Amarrass Desert Music Festival in Delhi, where the two artists first met and jammed together at the festival finale. The Lakha~Madou Project premiered at the 2014 edition of the Amarrass Festival, with the first series of recordings made in November 2014, and also featuring collaborations with Palestinian-American band Painted Caves, and Brazilian bassist/DJ/Producer DJ Tudo.

The Lakha~Madou Project reunited in May 2015 for a second series of recordings at the ‘Amarrass Terrace Sessions’, with a performance at TC’s in New Delhi, India. A subsequent series of recordings took place in October-November 2015, and showcased at the monthly Amarrass Nights at Lodi event in New Delhi, India. The self-titled debut album is scheduled for release this summer on Amarrass Records.

Lakha Khan - sindhi sarangi, vocals
Madou Sidiki Diabatè - kora (African lute harp)
Dane Khan - dholak


2015 November -- Amarrass Nights@Lodi, New Delhi, India
2015 May - Amarrass Nights@TCs, New Delhi, India
2014 November - project premiere at the Amarrass Music Festival, India

Artist Bookings/Press/Distribution: email Ankur Malhotra at AMARRASS RECORDS This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




"How fabulous of a collaboration is this!" - New Sounds, New York Public Radio


Video: Improvisations - The Lakha~Madou Project

Video: Chomasu

Video: Mehndi - The Lakha~Madou Project (from the Amarrass Terrace Sessions)


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